Crypto Investment International in new premises in Zuckermandel

Patrick Sokolovsky, CEO of Crypto Investment International

CRYPTO INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL, a successful start-up company, welcomes its clients in the lucrative premises of a multifunctional building in Bratislava, in Zuckermandl. It opens its doors to all those who are not afraid to invest in cryptocurrencies and thus be part of the modern world in virtual currency trading.

BRATISLAVA — We interviewed the founder and CEO of the company, Patrick Sokolovsky. He revealed to us the success of such a company today, in the time of a hopefully receding pandemic.

It can be stated that there is a growing interest and demand for cryptocurrency purchases within Slovakia. What does the company’s portfolio offer, and what would you highlight as unique within your offering?

Our company’s portfolio can be divided into two main components – a pure sales part and a part that serves as so-called investment advice. Furthermore, advice on navigating the world of cryptocurrencies, whether at the most basic or even advanced level, is also a matter of course. We help our clients to get acquainted with this area in general, so we are happy to welcome even complete beginners without any education or awareness regarding the crypto world. I want to draw attention to the intuitive and straightforward application, which offers the client a very easy to use and orient himself in what he needs to know about the purchase and possibilities of this currency and the functioning of the crypto wallet.

What else, specifically, do you find interesting about the breakdown of what you have in your portfolio? What’s, let’s say, the subdivision of the products and services that your company covers?

We want to advise people and show them that the crypto world also has a promising future. Patrick Sokolovsky, CEO

First of all, we offer investment in various cryptocurrencies. The client can choose what to go into and get advice from our financial analysts. We can also recommend what is currently attractive in terms of returns in terms of risk/return ratio or higher profits. Secondly, we can give you a general overview of what’s on the market. We also have so-called crypto exchanges where you can trade individual cryptocurrencies for others. It’s fascinating in terms of variability and for those looking for a transparent way to operate online in this business.

What inspired you to start a company that deals in this area?

Personally, I have always been interested in marginal forms of business that involve some risk, but not in a negative sense. The world of cryptocurrencies is unique in its fluidity and, at the same time, in its virtuality. And for myself, I can only say that I have always been fascinated by a field where I can still learn a lot myself and determine that “THIS” is where the future lies.

And now a little, perhaps private question: Whom do you admire? Do you have a personality that you look up to, respect?

Well, first of all, it’s my mom (laughs). Otherwise, a fascinating and inspiring person for me is Elon Musk. I’m fascinated by his unconventional, out-of-the-box thinking (ability to look at things from a different perspective), and most importantly – he’s a visionary. I want to emulate him a little bit in that, that is, bringing new things that maybe one day will make people’s lives easier and that are also unconventional in a way.

We’re in a beautiful new space right now, where you’ve recently relocated. Zuckermandel is a well-known multifunctional project that offers a roof over the heads of many already multinational companies, which have been quite successful both here and around the world. Probably you have no competition here, as a company dealing with cryptocurrency trade.

No, we don’t. But it is only a matter of time before other trading companies that operate on a similar concept will gradually come along. But we are the first on the block (laughs). And that’s what sets us apart and makes us interesting because we will always want to offer more than others. And that, as you can see, is also this renowned space. As a parallel to that idea, I would say that just as they say that clothes make the man, a particular area, whether it’s given by a location or the architecture of a building, and it’s functional and aesthetic, it just supports the brand of the company, so this is our clothes. This way we are close to the city center, the action, the hustle and bustle, and the movement of tourists. Simply speaking, this location is the key; it’s strategic for us, literally. And we want to be guided by this in the future.

Besides these “clothes,” what else do you see as important for your successful functioning?

Indeed, we want to be perceived in a particular way, maintain a certain level, and not slip under it. Certainly, we want to be number one in what we do and stay in the market as long as possible. We wish to advise people and show them that this world has a future, too. Eventually, we would like to organize professional conferences and training courses and maybe go further. For instance, in education, to offer our services more broadly, just our goal for the future is to be wide-ranging towards the outside world.

What does your typical working day look like? The average person’s idea of how your profession works is often based on American films of the New York Stock Exchange and financiers watching all those screens and nervously shouting?

You know, everything is relative. For me, too, some days are maximally exhausting and, I must also admit, stressful at times, but those days are more about a job well done, people I trust and can rely on at all times. It is crucial to see how the overall market is developing globally, have a positive outlook on things, and be willing to take the risk.

How do you recharge your batteries?

I like to relax and spend time with my family. I have to admit that sometimes I laze around with a good movie and a good meal (laughs). But for now, I like to work to the fullest, as my work is also my hobby. I love this world and the challenges it offers. The company focuses on a field in which I feel like a fish in water, so it is a dream come true that I enjoy my work, which, unfortunately, not everyone can say nowadays. That’s why I appreciate what I have achieved. I am sure that anyone who believes in himself and dreams about plans he is not afraid to realize can do it.

So, where do clients find you, and what are your online contact platforms?

Although we operate more or less as a private banking sector, we are happy to welcome our clients at Žižkova 9 in Bratislava, where we offer our services from 09.00 to 17.00. Clients can also contact us via our social networks, through which we can also connect with them in this way. In particular, all important information can be found on our website and email address [email protected].


Published: 11. June 2021