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The world of cryptocurrencies is beating inflation

19. April 2022

The World of Cryptocurrencies is Beating Inflation

How to invest money so that inflation does not devalue it and how to make money from the crisis? Anyone with spare funds is now faced with the question of where to invest. According to a survey by, investors allocate about 17 percent of their portfolio to alternative investments.

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Patrick Sokolovsky, CEO of Crypto Investment International

11. June 2021

Crypto Investment International in new premises in Zuckermandel

CRYPTO INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL, a successful start-up company, welcomes its clients in the lucrative premises of a multifunctional building in Bratislava, in Zuckermandl. It opens its doors to all those who are...

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Crypto Investment International: A pioneer in cryptocurrency business in Slovakia

19. May 2021

A pioneer in cryptocurrency business in Slovakia

The international company CRYPTO INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL is one of the first in Slovakia to enter the financial market with financial services in cryptocurrency trading. It provides cryptocurrency portfolio management and offers...

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