Proposal to modify the taxation of cryptocurrency staking

Bulletin of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors 1 / 2022

Highgate Law & Tax, in collaboration with other experts in the field, has prepared a legislative proposal to regulate the income and taxation of cryptocurrency staking.

In the Bulletin of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, the Crypto Tax & Law platform published an expert article on the topic of staking taxation in Slovakia.

The article is followed by a legislative proposal that has been submitted to the relevant people for the state to deal with it. It is the first legislative initiative of the Crypto Tax & Law platform.

The primary goal of the initiative is that income from staking should be taxed only at the moment of disposal of the crypto asset in question. However, if this view is not grasped legislatively, in a few years time, during tax audits, the state may want to tax “staking rewards” at the moment of their receipt.

The Crypto Tax & Law platform has incorporated comments from several entities and thanks for their assistance, in particular from the Fintech & Insurtech Association of Slovakia (FINAS), David Stancel and Ondrej Sarnecky.

The full article in electronic form can be downloaded here (PDF, 241 KB).


Published: 21. April 2022