How and why invest in cryptocurrencies

22. December 2021

How and why invest in cryptocurrencies

Advice — Cryptocurrencies are a new world that has been around only about a decade. Still, they have gathered much attention from investors, traders, analysts, and the like. Yet, the traditional world is still a bit skeptical about entering the world. This might be due to a lack of familiarity with this sector, but also due to the very different services or options it offers. Before one decides to invest and choose its path on how to do that, one must ask why to invest in cryptocurrencies in the first place.

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When to buy and not to sell

30. November 2021

When to buy and NOT to sell – the Fear & Greed index

Advice — To retail investors, markets can often seem like a wild ride. Especially the cryptocurrency market can show volatility, unlike any other market. This is for several reasons, such as low market...

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Bitcoin Taproot Uprgrade

19. November 2021

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade Has Been Activated

News — Bitcoin has just undergone one of the most important upgrades in its history. Taproot is the most significant improvement of the Bitcoin network since SegWit in 2017. What does Taproot bring...

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Bitcoin Futures ETF vs Bitcoin Spot ETF

12. November 2021

Bitcoin Futures ETF vs Bitcoin Spot ETF

Education — Only a few weeks ago we witnessed a historical event for the cryptocurrency markets. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), one of the main financial regulators in the United States, has officially...

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Patrick Sokolovsky, CEO of Crypto Investment International

11. June 2021

Crypto Investment International in new premises in Zuckermandel

Press — CRYPTO INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL, a successful start-up company, welcomes its clients in the lucrative premises of a multifunctional building in Bratislava, in Zuckermandl. It opens its doors to all those who are...

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Crypto Investment International: A pioneer in cryptocurrency business in Slovakia

19. May 2021

A pioneer in cryptocurrency business in Slovakia

Press — The international company CRYPTO INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL is one of the first in Slovakia to enter the financial market with financial services in cryptocurrency trading. It provides cryptocurrency portfolio management and offers...

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