A pioneer in cryptocurrency business in Slovakia

Crypto Investment International: A pioneer in cryptocurrency business in Slovakia

The international company CRYPTO INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL is one of the first in Slovakia to enter the financial market with financial services in cryptocurrency trading. It provides cryptocurrency portfolio management and offers advice in this area to its private clients. However, it mainly wants to get closer to natives and show them that it is possible to pay differently – whether for services or goods.

For most Slovaks, the world of cryptocurrencies is still unknown. You came up with the idea of introducing one of the cryptocurrencies, which is already commonplace for our Austrian neighbors, so to speak. What exactly are cryptocurrencies, and how do you see the future of this currency in our small Slovakia?

Cryptocurrency is a term that covers several decentralized currencies in digital form without being influenced by inflation or other phenomena that are common in today’s well-known money world. We view them as an integral part of cash flow, considering that the bank controls this flow, respectively, banks worldwide. Cryptocurrency is an uncorrupted, unchanging, and relatively transparent currency, but it is more abstract than something we can “touch.”

It is not uncommon for the value to grow by as much as 20% of your deposit per day.

Patrick Sokolovsky, CEO

Our company wants to show Slovaks a challenge in investing in this form of business and thus open the door to exciting opportunities. It’s such a game for someone who likes challenges and enjoys the world of IT and the world of cryptocurrencies. We focus on two main areas – counseling and cryptocurrency management. We also function as an exchange office and a “shop,” which covers the purchase and sale of this currency.

Partnering with the best worldwide crypto platforms, we manage cryptocurrency funds and offer the creation of so-called wallets. We trade with cryptocurrency directly on stock exchanges and use wallets as direct custody (electronic wallets, editor’s note). Simply put, cryptocurrency is a similar value, such as gold as a commodity. Gold is a limited commodity in the same way as the emission of cryptocurrency is limited in numbers, generated only in limited quantities.

The world of cryptocurrencies is still too risky and dynamic for many, even associating it with fraudulent practices. How do you perceive it as a company?

That is one of the reasons why we exist. We are interested in protecting our clients and providing advice on preventing unnecessary risk, possibly associated with some fraudulent practices. Using our services can be very interesting for a novice. We can provide cryptocurrency custody in our company and directly to the client. As for the benefits we offer in cooperation with our clients, the most significant is the mediation of global cryptocurrencies free of charge. We currently manage the portfolio from as little as 10,000 euros, which mainly concerns its management.

Our client has a personal agent. An analyst takes care of the client and coordinates his actions if he needs specific advice or essential guidance, whether buying or selling. We are variable in that we can exchange your euro for any cryptocurrency and vice versa. We want to be here for everyone, so we offer monthly investments in cryptocurrencies starting from 100 € per month, spread over up to 15 cryptocurrencies. We also change them regularly and strategically in the process. We help each client create an electronic wallet, either in person or remotely.

What deposit protection guarantees do you offer?

There are no guarantees in the financial world; this is a fallacy. But what is amazing is that in the case of cryptocurrencies, it is similar to the stock markets – you own a stock. In this case, you own that cryptocurrency, and it is covered in the first place. Your money covers the cryptocurrency – it stays with you, only the value changes. That is, even if it decreases or rises. It is not uncommon for the value of your money to increase by as much as 20% of the deposit per day. And that’s dynamic. So the value of your deposit can go down as well as up. Therefore, if you want to minimize possible losses, consult our experts.

Patrick Sokolovský, CEO of

Patrick Sokolovský, CEO of the company. Source: Crypto Investment International Archive

Slovakia reacts relatively flexibly to news in the world. It can adapt them relatively quickly to our business environment. Various online websites have been set up in Slovakia to attract people to invest in cryptocurrencies. What makes you different?

We are one of the first companies in Slovakia to obtain a license to provide virtual currency wallet services and virtual currency exchange services. Of course, our client support is focused on the online sphere and the field of telecommunications. We are happy to welcome our clients to the newly opened premises in the multifunctional city center Zuckermandel on Žižková Street 9 in Bratislava, in the office premises on the first floor.

We offer clients only verified products. You can find the so-called Rotharium (RTH) in our portfolio, which meets all the strict conditions. The cryptocurrency is supervised by the Finanzmarktaufsicht (FMA), the Austrian Financial Market Authority. The developer of this product is the Austrian IT expert Tomislav Matić and his company Crypto Future GmbH based in Vienna, directly in the DC Tower. Based on our cooperation with this international company, we also present this product in Slovakia. This cryptocurrency works as a voucher that you can use to pay for goods or services.

The number is precisely defined at 5,207,470 RTH pieces, and there will never be more. And it is this limited quantity that is a great and relatively rare advantage in this market. It is, so to speak, a limited edition. As the management company of this new cryptocurrency, we are also open to the opinions and ideas of our clients. Therefore we respect their unique and creative ideas. The client can decide whether to work more closely with us or independently.

What is RTH exclusivity? In your opinion, what is its most significant advantage on our market?

RTH is a type of cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. RTH is one of the first successful Austrian blockchain projects and launched the ICO 2017 project. It is a means of payment in selected businesses. This product aims to attract as many business partners and users as possible and thus use this revolutionary technology. You can buy it on our website or directly from our broker (trader) or on crypto exchanges, such as Stex.

Compared to Bitcoin, the difference is that RTH supply volume is not as large as Bitcoin’s; it is slightly smaller. While the maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21 million, RTH is 5.2 million.

As a company, you can provide the client with, among other things, innovative processes in the form of an application, how to have your products under control, and intuitively know how to control them. Can you explain what it is and how it works?

You know, this whole topic revolves around the IT world. So there is no stone wall of the bank as a building with tactile protection in the form of a vault or alarm device. Banks use a unique accounting system to protect money from theft while ensuring its controlled flow. We mainly use blockchain technology — a network of decentralized protection — which coordinates procedures’ correctness and stores user transactions by particular interconnection and networking of several managed computers. It is a very transparent principle and process.

It seems that the concept of cryptocurrency is a future dream in the financial world. Can it also appeal to skeptics, especially now in the time of the Corona crisis? What do you think the world of cryptocurrencies will look like after this period?

Paradoxically, the Corona crisis only positively affected the development of cryptocurrencies on the stock market. The value of bitcoin alone has climbed to more than $60,000 apiece. Definitely, the interest in cryptocurrencies increased during the crisis, so we decided to provide services and advice in this area. Although the world of cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy, we already see a growing interest in this topic. Therefore, we view trading in this area very positively, as this market currently offers almost 10,000 cryptocurrencies. Their market capitalization is still worth 1,900,000,000,000 €, and their value will grow even higher.

You can read about how far this market can go, how it is developing, and other exciting news from the world of cryptocurrencies and about CRYPTO INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL on our website.


Published: 19. May 2021