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A stablecoin is a digital currency that is pegged to a “stable” reserve asset like the EUR or other assets. This dramatically reduces volatility compared to something like Bitcoin and results in a form of digital money that is better suited to everything from day-to-day commerce to making transfers between exchanges. More

The combination of traditional-asset stability with digital-asset flexibility has proven to be a wildly popular idea. Billions of dollars in value have flowed into stablecoins like USD Coin (USDC) as they’ve become some of the most popular ways to store and trade value in the crypto ecosystem.

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STCO coin is designed for everyone who wants to use a currency that has a clear future value, is non-speculative and has a low volatility. Initial early adopters will come from all backgrounds, because they are looking for an alternatives to fiat currency as well as alternatives to speculative and volatile cryptocurrencies.

The design of STCO is for mass adoption, ease of use and multiple applications. The STCO team and advisors are creating partnerships, apps, ecosystems and utilities that will increase adoption, exchange volume, and utility of the STCO coins over time. Through these development, the market will increase organically through the use of the coins on multiple assets and services.

STCO coin is a type of stablecoin built on an economic model, designed with two major advantages. The first, the value on STCO is designed to store of traditional assets and choose digital cryptocurrencies. The Second one, an ecosystem, that services architectured to provide utility and demand.