The World of Cryptocurrencies is Beating Inflation

The world of cryptocurrencies is beating inflation

How to invest money so that inflation does not devalue it and how to make money from the crisis? Anyone with spare funds is now faced with the question of where to invest. According to a survey by, investors allocate about 17 percent of their portfolio to alternative investments.

FORBES – Everyone is familiar with the concept of bitcoin today. However, few know that there are currently around 18 thousand cryptocurrencies in the crypto world. Despite the fact that bitcoin has not broken last year’s records in recent months, the investment can be regularly appreciated, thanks to the active management of crypto-experts around Patrick Sokolovsky of “Cryptocurrencies are the technology of the future. It is the most profitable asset of today, which makes it possible to cover inflation thanks to a team of analysts and traders who constantly monitor market developments,” explains the company’s founder. The latter focuses on clients who want to protect their assets and increase their value at the same time.

Cryptocurrencies are not yet affected by the war situation

“Since the outbreak of the war, we have seen increased interest from investors. Despite the war in Ukraine, the cryptocurrency market is relatively stable and is not currently being affected as dramatically as the commodities or real estate markets,” says Patrick Sokolovsky.

“There is currently no product on the banking and insurance market that can protect an investor or consumer from enormous inflation. The crypto market is ready for this. If someone thinks that they can lose their investments with cryptocurrencies, it is mainly because they do not have professional help,” explains Daniel Zaiček, who is responsible for the operation of He adds that the company’s clients make most of their initial investments in FIAT currency, so there is no need to get involved in the crypto world beforehand. The experts at will guide the investor through the entire process and also provide education through a crypto academy if desired.

“Why do we trust cryptos? Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine (Feb. 24 – March 31, 2022), bitcoin has gained 36.63 percent, the respected Dow Jones index has gained 9.08 percent, the S&P 500 has gained 12.25 percent, and gold has only appreciated 1.41 percent,” Daniel Zaiček compares. At the same time, he adds that every crisis is an opportunity. A decentralised currency presents an excellent opportunity to value and protect your assets.

The anonymous crypto world welcomes both small investors and big players

The capitalisation of the cryptocurrency market currently stands at two trillion dollars. Demand for alternative investments is also growing from retail investors. Many of them are new to cryptocurrencies, so it is most beneficial for them to experience the world of crypto through an exchange. “There are top ten cryptocurrencies available for trading and a user-friendly system. We are one of the few companies in the world and the only one in the country where a grassroots investor can buy bitcoin on their own. In addition, Crypto-exchange offers the possibility of regular savings through cryptocurrencies in any amounts,” mentions the positives of the newest product in the company’s portfolio Patrick Sokolovsky.

The exchange product satisfies the demand of individuals, small investors who need to orient themselves in the world of cryptocurrencies and are willing to release only limited financial resources for testing. “The second group of investors are those who realize that the trend of cryptocurrencies is always upward and despite the fact that the crypto world is in a way reacting to the geopolitical situation, it hides a huge potential,” reveals Daniel Zaiček.

Real estate, commodities, gold, art collections, luxury handbags, vintage cars or bonds are a time-tested portfolio for asset appreciation. But nowadays, cryptocurrencies are being added to the mix, as they are able to generate returns through managed governance. This is not just about holding some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, but more importantly about actively seeking out opportunities and good crypto market analysis. Credit for investing in cryptocurrencies is given by the big investors and billionaires themselves. For example, Ray Dalio, a hedge fund manager, has abandoned investing in bonds and turned his attention towards bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies guarantee high security thanks to sophisticated encryption techniques, protecting your investments against fraud and manipulation. They are discreet, anonymous and tend to increase in value. The largest volume and value of crypto trades in 2021 were made in Vietnam, India, Pakistan and Ukraine, according to Chainanalysis’ 2021 ranking.


Published: 19. April 2022